Outdoor trips
Rock Climbing Taster Day

Are you looking for a fun filled day of adventure? Maybe you have tried indoor climbing a few times and would like to take that experience outside to get to grips with the feel of real rock rather than pulling on plastic? Maybe you just want a different and exciting experience for the day. If so, our ‘Rock Climbing Taster Day’ is for you!

These days are just about fun and adventure. We will get you out to a crag and get you climbing on a variety of different climbs and styles to aim to give you the most variation and fun possible, and to enable you feel for the difference between rock and indoor holds. You will get to try out some sweet new moves and really start to trust your feet more. Expect to go back indoors and find yourself pushing even harder than before.

We can tag other fun activities onto these days, such as ‘Weaseling’ (location dependent), Abseiling or some easy Scrambling.

We operate on a ratio of 1:6 instructor to clients maximum.

Clients Prices per day per person
1 £180.00
2 £100.00
3 £70.00
4 £60.00
5 £50.00
6 £45.00
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Transition to Rock Course (2 Days)

So, you have been climbing indoors for a while, possibly been on a ‘Rock Taster’ day with us and now you are thinking of heading out on your own and starting to work some routes or improve your skills to be a better climbing partner. It's about time you booked out ‘Transition to Rock’ course!

This course is for climbers that already have a basic and fundamental idea of climbing moves, safety and some of the lingo etc. It's for people that are keen to start to learn some of the many, many skills needed to take your climbing outdoors on your own or to be a safe partner for someone else.

Some of the things we will cover are as follows

  • Interpreting the weather
  • Getting to grips with the guidebooks and different crags
  • Identifying suitable climbs
  • Appropriate equipment
  • Safety and first aid
  • Using gear to build belays
  • Belaying from the top and the bottom of a climb
  • Abseiling
  • Avoiding and Solving problems

£100 per person per day minimum 2 clients, maximum 4 to 1 instructor

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Learn to lead outdoors

For the more experienced climbers we can tag on a ‘learning to lead Trad outdoors’. This a specialised and highly technical aspect of lead climbing that involves placing all your own protection for the entire climb. We can tag this to be added into the Transition to Rock course, or, if you have already completed that with us, we can arrange it as a standalone course available to book.

Please email to enquire about cost and availability

Family Activity Day

Our family days can be tailored to your own requests. They are also a little at the mercy of the weather. No matter what happens though, you can guarantee you will have a lot of fun. A normal day may look like this

Rock climbing followed by Abseiling. Maybe a bit of Weaselling (Scrambling over, under and through gaps in rocks, think Parkour on rock) a gorge walk or a Scramble. Bushcraft may be your thing or if you like it wet, then maybe some paddling on a river or Gyhll scrambling.

Whichever you fancy, we can fix it, so everyone has a great day.

Cost £50 a day per person for a family up to 6 people

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Intro to Southern Sandstone

The Southern Sandstone, a place with so many nuances it needs its own ‘introduction to’, day!

It’s a great place and it's about as close to ‘on our doorstep’ as you can get for some climbing on real rock.

There are lots you need to know about climbing down there though. From its odd Jingo wobbly guidebooks, extending your master points, protecting the rock and the do’s and don'ts of the etiquette of that area. Grab your bits of carpet, wipe of your soles and let's crack on.

There is a lot to learn and that’s before you have even started to learn how to keep yourself safe down there.

Book with us now to bring yourself up to speed and keep yourself safe.

Clients Prices per day per person
1 £150.00
2 £80.00
3 £70.00
4 £60.00
5 £50.00
6 £45.00
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Outdoor Bouldering

Are you a budding Boulderer who wants to try sending some problems on rock?

Maybe you are not quite confident enough to go out on your own, you may want to learn how to interpret the guidebooks, or maybe you haven't committed to buying any bouldering mats yet and just want your first trip to be with an old hand.

It could be that you are looking for coaching on sending mega hard problems, so you just want some help with technique, moves, tactics etc.

Whatever it is, we can organise a trip to solve all these issues for you.

These Trips can be in the Peak, Wales or even in the Southern Sandstone where it can be incorporated into an ‘Intro to Southern Sandstone Day’

Clients Prices per day per person
1 £100.00
2 £60.00
3 £45.00
4 £40.00
5 £32.00
6 £27.00
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What To bring and wear

Bring a packed lunch and snacks if you require them. You will be required to carry whatever you bring, and it could be uphill for a little while. Its best to not bring too much of anything, just make sure you have enough water for the day. Most people find they eat surprisingly less than they imagine they would when at the crag.

Bring layers to keep warm or stay cool. The weather can be rather unpredictable, and it can get chilly when exposed, or baking hot in the sun. If it forecast for sun, apply cream when you leave your car. If it's likely to be chilly, bring a beanie, not a bobble hat. Joggers or leggings are fine, avoid jeans at all costs. Walking boots or approach shoes are ideal, if not, decent trainers will be okay.

Most importantly, remember a decent raincoat, it is England after all!